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I haven't formally written this down yet, but I feel it's worth writing down somewhere since having goals is helpful.

I think the development model for NewLang should be small incremental steps while making sure the entire time there's working software that people can use. No stable branches, just 'get the latest version and it will be fine'.

For some concrete rules:

  • Add changes to the code as soon as possible
  • Avoid big changes that block development
  • Fix bugs even if you plan to replace the code later
  • Write tests for your code
  • Don't break things people use

This is probably some variant of continuous delivery.

I'm choosing this because of the following advantages:

  • There's always releasable code available
  • People don't have to wait long for bugfixes if there's regular releases
  • Stable branches aren't needed

There's disadvantages too:

  • Unused in development code will be added to releases
  • Writing tests sucks and slows down the process
  • Probably other stuff I haven't thought of
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