docs syntax: Note that files don't have to use Unix new lines 5 months ago
src parse: Pass a context to the parse function 4 months ago
tests tests: Tweaks to health checks and examples 4 months ago
.flake8 lint: Add flake8 command 9 months ago
.gitignore make: Drop in favor of 4 months ago
Jenkinsfile Jenkinsfile: Run domut_ci before dotest_ci 4 months ago Change license to LGPLv2.1+ 1 year ago make: Drop in favor of 4 months ago main: Add a main function that waits 4 months ago
env.ps1 env.ps1: Fix domut not working 4 months ago Specify dots are literals in 4 months ago Add mutmut for mutation testing 7 months ago
requirements.txt tests: Use python-xdist for faster tests 7 months ago
setup.cfg mutmut: Run pytest with -n auto 4 months ago

What's this?

NewLang is a work in progress programming language, similar to BASIC.

To try it, run python && ./NewLang.pyz docs/examples/greeting.txt

See the syntax reference plan for more detail.


NewLang is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2.1.