Prototype of a new programming language

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Tardis prototype project

This project (codename Tardis) is a research project with the goal to create a programming environment suited towards blind people and people with a cognitive impairment that prevents learning most programming languages.

Planned features:

  • Simple programming language
  • Audio playing
  • Speech synthesis


Development is based around ST's 32F769IDISCOVERY evaluation board. These boards cost around $90 USD and provide an easy to use development board that can be debugged and flashed over USB. No soldering or assembly is required to have a complete development environment.

How to use

Install the following packages on your Linux system: git cmake ninja arm-none-eabi-gcc stlink python3 screen

Follow these steps:

git clone
cd Tardis
git clone
sudo ./scripts/

Now hit some buttons on the board and see what happens.

Note 1: If flashing fails and complains about resetting, hold the reset button on the board while flashing.

Note 2: Hit 'ctrl-a backslash' to quit the serial screen.


All documentation and software for this project is under the MIT license unless otherwise specified.

Copyright: 2023 Casey Reeves

Copyright: 2023 John Watts

SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT