Cleanup FIP build targets and messages
At present the fip.bin depends on phony targets for BL images, resulting
in unconditional remake of fip.bin. Also the build messages doesn't
match with the rest of build system.

This patch modifies the fip.bin dependencies to the actual BL binary
images so that fip.bin is remade only when the component images are
rebuilt/modified. The build messages and FIP Makefile are modified to
match the style of rest of the build system.

Change-Id: I8dd08666ff766d106820a5b4b037c2161bcf140f
1 parent 08c28d5 commit 2f2cef46573cc55204e7873795b2c31fcc9f6216
@Jeenu Viswambharan Jeenu Viswambharan authored on 19 Feb 2014
Dan Handley committed on 20 Feb 2014
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