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@joanna.farley joanna.farley authored on 16 Jul 2020
TrustedFirmware Code Review committed on 16 Jul 2020
amlogic meson: Rename platform directory to amlogic 3 years ago
cert_create cert_tool: Update cert_tool for fw_config image support 2 years ago
encrypt_fw tools: Add firmware authenticated encryption tool 3 years ago
fiptool fiptool: return zero status on help and help <command> 2 years ago
marvell/ doimage tools: doimage: change the binary image alignment to 16 3 years ago
memory tools: Small improvement to print_memory_map script 2 years ago
renesas/ rcar_layout_create rcar_gen3: plat: Add initial D3 support 3 years ago
sptool sptool: append cert_tool arguments. 2 years ago
stm32image stm32mp1: update platform files to use MMC devices 4 years ago