arm-trusted-firmware / bl32 / tsp /
@Achin Gupta Achin Gupta authored on 17 Jun 2014
aarch64 Add enable mmu platform porting interfaces 10 years ago Rename FVP specific files and functions 10 years ago juno: Use the enable_mmu_elX() functions from lib/aarch64/xlat_tables.c 10 years ago
tsp.ld.S Split platform.h into separate headers 10 years ago Add support for asynchronous FIQ handling in TSP 10 years ago
tsp_interrupt.c Further renames of platform porting functions 10 years ago
tsp_main.c Move BL porting functions into platform.h 10 years ago
tsp_timer.c Add barriers to handle Secure Timer interrupts correctly 9 years ago