ARM Trusted Firmware with LuminaSensum patches

@Paul Beesley Paul Beesley authored on 22 Oct 2019
TrustedFirmware Code Review committed on 22 Oct 2019
bl1 TF-A: Add support for ARMv8.3-PAuth in BL1 SMC calls and BL2U 4 years ago
bl2 Refactor ARMv8.3 Pointer Authentication support code 4 years ago
bl2u TF-A: Add support for ARMv8.3-PAuth in BL1 SMC calls and BL2U 4 years ago
bl31 Neoverse N1 Errata Workaround 1542419 4 years ago
bl32 AArch32: Disable Secure Cycle Counter 4 years ago
common FDT helper functions: Respect architecture in PSCI function IDs 4 years ago
docs Merge "Update change log for v2.2 Release" into integration 4 years ago
drivers Correct UART PL011 initialization calculation 4 years ago
fdts fdts: stm32mp1: move FDCAN to PLL4_R 4 years ago
include Replace deprecated __ASSEMBLY__ macro with __ASSEMBLER__ 4 years ago
lib xlat_table_v2: Fix enable WARMBOOT_ENABLE_DCACHE_EARLY config 4 years ago
make_helpers Fix the CAS spinlock implementation 4 years ago
plat delay: timeout detection support 4 years ago
services Merge changes from topic "jc/coverity-fixes" into integration 4 years ago
tools Remove RSA PKCS#1 v1.5 support from cert_tool 4 years ago
.checkpatch.conf Re-apply GIT_COMMIT_ID check for checkpatch 4 years ago
.editorconfig doc: Final, pre-release fixes and updates 4 years ago
.gitignore meson: Rename platform directory to amlogic 4 years ago
Makefile Update TF-A version to 2.2 4 years ago
dco.txt Drop requirement for CLA in 7 years ago
license.rst doc: De-duplicate readme and license files 4 years ago
readme.rst doc: Formatting fixes for readme.rst 4 years ago