WIP: Add and track copyright status for each file #2

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This patch adds a full file listing that clarifies authorship and copyright for each file. This might need some more work to ensure we keep it up to date, but it's probably the best solution to keep track of these things and make sure we know exactly what license parts of the project is under.

Current issues with PR:

  • I have an 'UNCLEAR' section since the authorship and license is unclear. This needs to be fixed.
  • I've marked a lot of configuration files as uncopyrightable or released to the public domain using the CC0. I haven't discussed this with Xoigum yet, so I'm not sure how she feels about this. I feel extremely uncomfortable with the idea of slapping a license on things that are trivial, configuration, machine generated or otherwise just information that can't be expressed any other way. Like a blank fstab file, or a systemd unit. To a further extent, device trees but I think the consensus is that those are copyrightable.
  • The README doesn't note things are under CC0 or not copyrighted

README now notes things are under CC0

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