Reworking the initial filesystem image #34

Merged Jookia merged 3 commits into LuminaSensum:unstable from LuminaSensum:WIP_image-fixups on 2 Jan 2021
@xogium xogium commented on 1 Jan 2021

This PR does the following:

  • board/MynaPlayer odyssey: remove rauc partition from genimage, and reworked the overlay filesystem creation.
    • The rauc partition was not needed seeing we make use of a large overlay filesystem. Remove it.
    • The fstab is now an empty file, so we avoid the original buildroot one.
    • The rauc-marking-good.service now runs mkdir -p to create the /rauc directory before it marks the slot good.
    • Also, the post-image script was modified to no longer create filesystems using fallocate. This was honestly dirty and added one more dependency in building MynaPlayer.
    • Genimage now takes care of creating the overlay filesystem instead.
  • board/MynaPlayer odyssey: remove defined partition types in genimage template.
    • This was ignored previously when the disk was set to gpt partitioning scheme.
    • It now enforces hybrid mbr, which stm32mp1 cannot handle, so lets remove the type.
  • board/MynaPlayer odyssey: tweak pre-init script.
    • This is required so that the overlayfs partition is changed to p5 instead of p6, since the rauc partition was removed.
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Reworking the initial filesystem image

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