dt-utils with LuminaSensum patches

@Ulrich Ölmann Ulrich Ölmann authored on 30 Sep 2019
Roland Hieber committed on 11 Oct 2019
m4 2nd commit 10 years ago
scripts barebox-mark-successful-boot: adopt to new barebox method providing bootstate.active on the kernel command line 8 years ago
src state: harmonize code with barebox 4 years ago
.gitignore dtblint: new tool to check device tree blobs 8 years ago
COPYING COPYING: Change to GPLv2 9 years ago
DCO follow the Developer's Certificate of Origin 5 years ago
Makefile.am Don't install a pkg-config file for libdt 5 years ago
NEWS Release 2019.01.0 5 years ago
README follow the Developer's Certificate of Origin 5 years ago
autogen.sh 2nd commit 10 years ago
configure.ac configure: remove build time option '--enable-debug' 4 years ago
sizes.h 2nd commit 10 years ago
Questions, feedback, patches please email:

For patches, please prefix your subject with "[PATCH dt-utils]" (for example,
see the git-config manpage for the option format.subjectPrefix).

This project uses the Developer's Certificate of Origin, as stated in the file
DCO in this repository, with the same process as used for the Linux kernel:
By adding a Signed-off-by line (e.g. using `git commit -s`) saying

  Signed-off-by: Random J Developer <random@developer.example.org>

(using your real name and e-mail address), you state that your contributions
are in line with the DCO.