on 25 May
@Jookia Jookia released v1.5 at Jookia/evtone
on 25 May
@Jookia Jookia created tag v1.5 at Jookia/evtone
on 25 May
@Jookia Jookia pushed to main at Jookia/evtone
e25a693 evtone: Bump to 1.5
on 29 Apr
36f4f9c lang: Add text literals
on 11 Apr
15fc67a lang: Add fields to objects
752c6ca vm: Increase stack to 32 elements
62dd715 lang: Add And for boolean
on 9 Apr
7331bd1 lang: Free modules after loading is finished
on 9 Apr
e047f6a lang: Point to bytecodes in ModuleClass
5986d22 lang: Add new ModuleClass structure
d272600 lang: Have IRMetadta reference classes
on 9 Apr
1692d1e lang: Wrap object lists in an Object
43d8c69 lang: Check list size when setting or getting
65e024f lang: Move args_len to a runtime calculation
on 4 Jan
e27acb7 lang: Don't cast types unecessarily
6c75b61 lang: Add reference counting to ObjectList
2b833b4 lang: Use getters and setters for object_list
on 18 Dec
be47102 lang: Move class-specific compiler code to its own function
5cdd06b lang: Rename module_call to module_call_bytecode
ef37fd8 lang: Move class declaration further down C file
on 13 Dec
6648872 compile: Check for duplicate function args
6594437 lang: Prefix bytecode names with class name
on 13 Dec
b23fa03 lang: Change function syntax to support classes
on 13 Dec
b336dc7 lang: Clarify that code blocks are functions
on 7 Nov
c4c189f lang: Add module variables
513d30d lang: Fix tail calls not dispatching on object_none
dae6d62 lang: Check against None, not truthiness
on 5 Nov
7f7d83d lang: Declare opaque structs for better type safety
e57ffec lang: Mark tail_obj as not a pointer
63e92c1 lang: Be explicit about ModuleInfo's constness
on 3 Nov
43d6f93 lang: Rename module args to use_modules
5489ddd lang: Pass dependencies to modules
40c788a lang: Switch to for loops for string iteration
on 3 Nov
0fd1f67 lang: Create modules and dependencies on request
on 2 Nov
4a6a04d lang: Rename module_stack top to next
9d209db lang: Fix off-by-one error stack setting
2fa8ce8 lang: Support multiple traverses
on 27 Oct
c078064 lang: Add module IDs as X macros
5dcfa6c lang: Parse a module ID to the compiler
1ce77a5 lang: Automatically find modules
on 20 Oct
15ada61 lang: Move abort_msg and abort_if to vm
2b415d5 lang: Fix up error function comments
efb8af1 lang: Pass VmState to abort
on 12 Sep
4831291 lang: Switch to mini-gmp rationals for number representation
on 3 Sep
2d65ccd lang: vm: Check stack malloc failure
6221531 lang: Add jumps (tail calls)
c37a75b lang: compile: Fix error handling on invalid command
on 2 Sep
4c86caa lang: compile: Use -1 for temporary IR locations
707e389 lang: boolean: Style fix
b2bfdfd clang-format: Fix AlignTrailingComments
on 29 Aug
75abad2 lang: Note variable positions properly in IR
on 29 Aug
e5a654a lang: Fix OP_END trailer
on 29 Aug
e34ad2c lang: Rename number "Minus" To "Subtract"
6297541 lang: Rename boolean "Not" to "Invert"
7b462e5 lang: Use object_none() instead of NULL
on 29 Aug
30d0c1e lang: Import boolean code (oops!)
4599470 lang: Add None objects to the language
6e94f41 lang: Document unused OP_DROP_ONE
on 29 Aug
acc6eed lang: Properly fix return parsing
f7a1be4 lang: Add booleans
4d46b21 lang: number header cleanup
on 25 Aug
1201bf4 lang: Only allow one word for returns
b946ed6 lang: Remove unecessary include
ba61e6e lang: Mix IR in to bytecode
on 22 Aug
67c78b1 lang: More priv field for module call table
0b5fb78 lang: Print IR better when compiling
dca7be8 lang: Add a terminator for ending bytecode
on 22 Aug
c94d928 lang: Fix CMake dependency on
860972f lang: Write IR to C code
4459f85 lang: Use files for compiling
on 21 Aug
25805b3 lang: Pass object to bytecode_run
326400e lang: Pass bytecode to func_call using priv
559d1c2 lang: Use a single number_math call with operations as priv
on 10 Aug
ade0518 lang: Remove useless stack check
on 8 Aug
88a6df3 lang: Move bytecode to func.c
on 6 Aug
2965741 lang: Document bytecode.c
2799d98 lang: Remove unused include
9a4bd35 lang: Add simple README
on 2 Aug
7474cc4 lang: Define Object as a void pointer
11c8a59 lang: Include types.h in object.h
on 2 Aug
21e294e lang: Handle all object allocation in object.c
on 1 Aug
deb3c91 lang: Fix typo
on 1 Aug
75c2a5e lang: Check stack depth before accessing elements
183df44 lang: Remove useless object cleanup checks
96b9c6c lang: Simplify number functions
on 31 Jul
19a9e47 lang: Add depth check bytecode
452fd90 lang: Remove object_class forward declaration
2f7c29f lang: Set extra variables to NULL after dropping
on 31 Jul
6a1a5ef lang: Handle vm_state creation in vm
6aef030 lang: Switch to callee cleanup of non-return arguments
74c622a lang: Create vm state once in main
on 30 Jul
b0d4640 lang: Compile to bytecode and run
3ff9dc0 lang: Add Minus operation for numbers
134abfc lang: Handle compiler register allocation
on 18 Jun 2023
1f51487 lang: Add the beginnings of a bootstrap compiler
7f678df lang: Remove misleading comment
on 4 Jun 2023
58cc7bb bytecode: Garbage collect the stack
04ef35c object: Abort if objptr is NULL
on 31 May 2023
b0921ec lang: Pass arg_count to bytecode_run to aid stack allocation
01c76a7 lang: Fix arg counts to include return value
0e90623 lang: Add stack get and set operations
on 30 May 2023
eec3981 lang: Change OP_RET to 0x03
d72a03e lang: Put return value as new args
886badc lang: Add OP_DROP to bytecode
on 30 May 2023
3fc9186 lang: Introduce func that just returns 1234
3fcf44f lang: Use static qualifiers for internal functions and data
14eff6a lang: Make number_add private
on 26 May 2023
f3d4142 lang: Remove symbols for now
fdbbb15 lang: Implement classes
fabb144 symbol: Don't name variable str
on 24 May 2023
95e5f72 src: Import and run lang_main
21540fb lang: Replace symbol table with FNV hash
f5751da lang: Make app build optional
on 24 May 2023
fe5c8b4 lang: Symbols are ints not indices
431ef1b lang: Add argstack
c1879e4 lang: Add vtable