testing: Add integration tests #16

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@Jookia Jookia commented on 24 Sep

Currently we only have pytest. This doesn't cover making sure the build targets and final build actually run.

These should be shell scripts that run the make targets, maybe the tests, and somehow the program when run from the zipapp binary and from within the repository. These might just have to be sanity checks.

I've added a Jenkinsfile and similar utilities to build and test the project. So this might actually be done, it depends on whether there's a better CI system. I'll have to investigate:

Last night I scheduled two Jenkins builds to run. It managed to deadlock and hang because one build uses both Linux and Win10, and instead of the first build using both, one build got Linux, one got Win10, and both builds waited for each other to be done.

Somehow this hung. I have no clue why, it would seem to me like once either were finished they could swap builds, but I guess not.

There's also an annoying Jenkins bug where on Windows it won't or can't log Unicode properly. This doesn't amuse me.

I'm going to look at other CI systems just to see if things are better.


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