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@Jookia Jookia commented on 11 Jun 2022

Making a programming language takes a lot of resources, and we have barely one person working on this so it's time to set up some roadmap and dampen expectations.

The goals are:

  • Usable by Xogium, me and a few other people
  • Uses a simple unoptimized interpreter
  • Runs code from files
  • Command-line based
  • Runs on x86 and ARM Linux systems
  • Standard library that includes basic algorithms and operations
  • Filesystem/socket API
  • Subprocess API
  • Basic testing framework

Future goals:

  • Lightweight runtime
  • C interop
  • STM32 microcontroller support
  • Remote access to runtime over Internet or serial
  • Debugger
  • REPL
  • Inspector
  • Code editor
  • Self-hosting tools

Notable non-goals:

  • Complex optimizations
  • Blazing fast performance suitable for real-time applications

I have no time frame for any of these. Sorry.

Going to leave some ideas for projects the language should be able to implement:

  • IRC bot
  • Git website
  • stimeout replacement
  • beep replacement
  • speak command
  • menus and TUIs
  • calculator
  • sound playing
  • keyboard input/output

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