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Hardware layout

The STMicroelectronics 32F769IDISCOVERY is a board which is ideal for the Tardis project, as it offers plenty of connectivity options and does not require soldering, making it an excellent target to develop on for blind people. Here is the hardware layout of this board. To follow along properly, please make sure the board is on a flat surface, with the ethernet connector facing toward you, and the LCD facing up.

Front edge

  • Ethernet connector.
  • 5v external power source connector (see below).

Left edge

  • ST-Link programmer micro USB connector.
  • USB OTG connector.

Back edge

  • 2x RCA connectors:
    • RCA RX.
    • RCA TX.

Right edge

  • 3.5mm jack line out connector.
  • 3.5mm jack line in connector.
  • Micro SD card slot.

Top side

  • 2x tactile buttons.
    • Reset button near the ethernet connector.
    • User button near the RCA connectors.
  • LCD touchscreen panel.
  • WiFi module connector (ESP8266) near the user button.
  • 4x MEMS microphones left of the LCD panel.

Under side

  • Arduino compatible connector
  • Jumpers to select power source:
    • 5v USB charger.
    • 5v power over ethernet (PoE).
    • 5v external power.
    • USB OTG.
    • ST-Link (default).

How to use the external power

Caution: documenting this connector for completeness sake, but we would highly advise against using it, as it appears to be no standard barrel jack connector. Rather it is a special connector designed to take in wires that resemble breadboard wires, which lock into place thanks to a lock-in made for this express purpose.

Let's reiterate that doing this with standard breadboard wires is most probably not a good idea.

This connector is using male pins, so if you wish to use wires, make sure to pick male to female wires.

With the ethernet connector still facing toward you, the pins of this connector are as followed, from left to right:

  • Ground.
  • 5v power.

WiFi module

If you wish to use WiFi on any project, you could use the WRL-17146 WiFi module from SparkFun.