doc: Formatting fixes for readme.rst
The readme.rst file in the project root is the front-page that
is displayed on Github and if viewing the TF-A repository on in the "about" view. It now contains a
small amount of stub content, and directs readers to the
ReadTheDocs documentation via

The Github renderer is displaying the content fine but the cgit
viewer displays some "backlink" errors because some content
substitutions were left in place (terms surrounded by pipe
symbols), e.g. |TF-A|.

This patch removes those substitutions, that are not supported
by cgit, and also updates one heading to clarify where to find
the new docs.

Change-Id: I358451df45b8c99975ba0b6db8ea61253a10560d
Signed-off-by: Paul Beesley <>
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@Paul Beesley Paul Beesley authored on 9 Oct 2019
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