ARM Trusted Firmware with LuminaSensum patches

@Soby Mathew Soby Mathew authored on 21 Sep 2018
GitHub committed on 21 Sep 2018
bl1 libc: Fix all includes in codebase 5 years ago
bl2 DSU erratum 936184 workaround 5 years ago
bl2u Add atexit function to libc 6 years ago
bl31 BL31: Fix warning about BL32 init function 5 years ago
bl32 libc: Fix all includes in codebase 5 years ago
common Allow setting log level back to compile time value 5 years ago
docs Merge pull request #1585 from sandrine-bailleux-arm/sb/doc-fixes 5 years ago
drivers drivers: i2c: mentor: move platform code into header files 5 years ago
fdts stm32mp1: Add device tree files 5 years ago
include aarch32: PAR_ADDR_MASK should explicitly use BIT_64 5 years ago
lib Merge pull request #1568 from soby-mathew/sm/fix_ares_err_report 5 years ago
make_helpers Allow manually setting the AArch32 instruction set 5 years ago
plat Merge pull request #1570 from Andre-ARM/allwinner/pmic-fixes 5 years ago
services trusty: Fix return value of trusty_init() 5 years ago
tools fix: tools: Fix doimage syntax breaking secure mode build 5 years ago
.checkpatch.conf checkpatch: Ignore SPDX_LICENSE_TAG 6 years ago
.editorconfig Add .editorconfig file 6 years ago
.gitignore tools: Add stm32image tool into TF-A 5 years ago
Makefile Update release minor version string 5 years ago
acknowledgements.rst Add STMicroelectronics to the list of contributors 5 years ago
contributing.rst Update Arm TF references to TF-A 6 years ago
dco.txt Drop requirement for CLA in 7 years ago
license.rst Update Arm TF references to TF-A 6 years ago
maintainers.rst allwinner: add I2C glue driver 5 years ago
readme.rst Readme and Change-log updates for v1.6 release 5 years ago