arm-trusted-firmware / plat /
@André Przywara André Przywara authored on 3 Aug 2020
TrustedFirmware Code Review committed on 3 Aug 2020
allwinner allwinner: Disable NS access to PRCM power control registers 3 years ago
amlogic meson: Use generic console_t data structure 3 years ago
arm Merge "arm_fpga: Support uploading a custom command line" into integration 3 years ago
brcm driver: brcm: add RNG driver 3 years ago
common SMCCC: Introduce function to check SMCCC function availability 3 years ago
hisilicon Cleanup the code for TBBR CoT descriptors 3 years ago
imx plat: imx: common: implement IMX_SIP_AARCH32 3 years ago
intel/ soc plat: intel: Additional instruction required to enable global timer 3 years ago
layerscape LS 16550: Use generic console_t data structure 3 years ago
marvell Merge changes I0826ef8b,I9b4659a1 into integration 3 years ago
mediatek linker_script: move .data section to bl_common.ld.h 3 years ago
nvidia/ tegra plat/nvidia: tegra: Enable SMCCC_ARCH_SOC_ID feature 3 years ago
qemu qemu/qemu_sbsa: increase size to handle fdt 3 years ago
renesas/ rcar rcar_gen3: plat: Zero-terminate the string in unsigned_num_print() 3 years ago
rockchip Merge "rockchip: rk3368: fix PLAT_RK_CLST_TO_CPUID_SHIFT" into integration 3 years ago
rpi rpi4/fdt: Move dtb_size() function to fdt_wrappers.h 3 years ago
socionext uniphier: increase BL33 max size and GZIP temporary buffer size 3 years ago
st stm32mp1: SCMI clock and reset service in SP_MIN 3 years ago
ti/ k3 Merge "ti: k3: common: Make UART number configurable" into integration 3 years ago
xilinx Merge "Create separate header for ARM specific SMCCC defines" into integration 3 years ago