arm-trusted-firmware / plat / renesas / rcar /
@Marek Vasut Marek Vasut authored on 11 Apr 2020
aarch64 Prevent speculative execution past ERET 3 years ago
include rcar_gen3: plat: Minor coding style fix for rcar_version.h 2 years ago
bl2_cpg_init.c rcar_gen3: plat: Rename RCAR_PRODUCT_* to PRR_PRODUCT_* 3 years ago
bl2_interrupt_error.c rcar_gen3: plat: Dump EL3 interrupt error registers 4 years ago
bl2_plat_mem_params_desc.c rcar_gen3: plat: Pass DT to OpTee OS 3 years ago
bl2_plat_setup.c rcar_gen3: plat: Zero-terminate the string in unsigned_num_print() 2 years ago
bl2_secure_setting.c rcar_gen3: plat: Add initial D3 support 4 years ago
bl31_plat_setup.c Enable -Wredundant-decls warning check 3 years ago
plat_image_load.c Sanitise includes across codebase 4 years ago
plat_pm.c Use correct type when reading SCR register 3 years ago
plat_storage.c Sanitise includes across codebase 4 years ago
plat_topology.c Sanitise includes across codebase 4 years ago rcar_gen3: drivers: ddr: Move DDR drivers out of staging 3 years ago
rcar_common.c rcar: Use generic console_t data structure 3 years ago